" Rapid Response Quality Inspection, Product Containment and Rework Solutions"


One of QCI’s key areas of expertise is quality inspection, product sorting, containment & rework. We have been supporting our customers with quality inspection services for over 2 decades offering both rapid and professional solutions.

We hold vast inspection experience and knowledge in the core manufacturing & engineering sectors. Not only are we cost effective, but our inspection teams are highly efficient, experienced & trained to exceptional standards so you can be confident that we will deliver professional results on every activity we undertake.

Collaborative Process

Customer collaboration is an integral part of our Quality Inspection, Containment & Rework Services. QCI provides access to expert knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment to help facilitate our customer requirements. Our customer requirements are all bespoke and managed directly by QCI management who are in constant direct contact with each customer. QCI’s approach to Inspection, Containment & Rework has enabled us to create long-lasting partnerships in many different business sectors. 

Expert Service

Through our immediate response, we cover all aspects of quality inspection and rework, including quality inspection services, inspection firewalls, immediate containment and product rework, giving you the power to closely control quality and performance at every stage of manufacture and supply. 

Not only do we help by containing the Quality issue, we rework and assist with corrective services to help production keep flowing and reduce any additional costs that might occur in your supply chain. Our aim is to supply a quality service with minimal disruption to your business.

QCI offers 2 levels of inspection services, onsite support & offsite support.

  • Onsite customer support – We can provide resources anywhere in your supply chain. This includes direct on your site, suppliers and OEM level using our professional and experienced inspection teams. We can act immediately to contain the quality issue and protect your customer. 
  • Offsite support – We provide you with the option to divert & ship goods into our midlands facility for immediate containment action. We will verify, contain & rework any stock working in line with customer’s instructions. We can also assist with full NCR management with your supplier. Collection and Delivery service available.

With every sorting or rework activity we carry out, we provide a unique KPI reporting system that is tailored to your requirements. These reports are professional and ready to present directly to your team or customer. All of your inspection reports and dimensional analysis can be accessed directly from our customer portal QCI-Net. This is a live system that can be accessed at any time via the QCI website. QCI-Net is a unique customer portal that houses all types of important data relevant to the services we have completed. Just log in, view, and download

Approved Service

We are certified to the latest revisions of ISO9001 and AS9100

Experienced Team

Our team are professional, experienced and highly skilled across the board

Immediate Response

Immediate response across all our inspection services. Drop us a message and we will be in touch

Benefits of Our Quality Inspection, Containment & Rework Services

Connect With Us

Contact us and one of our team members will be in touch discuss your requirements or provide you with a quotation
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