The Medical industry is progressively evolving with innovative technology and a vast array of new treatments. Being one of the most important global sectors its imperative that equipment and technology are manufactured to the highest possible standards. At the end of the day its peoples health that are being looked after.

This is where QCI Group excel, our mentality and competence match this need. We have developed our depth of knowledge and experience within this sector with some of the largest global medical companies.

We have been assisting with the Covid-19 situation helping our Country return back to normal.

  • Manufacturing Support
  • Prototype Measurement & Test
  • CMM Inspection & Measurement Services
  • Goods Inwards Inspection Teams
  • Product Divert Inspection
  • NCR Management
  • Quality Engineering Support
  • Warehousing, Kitting and Packing
  • Direct Line feed (DLF)
  • COP Inspection Teams
  • Compliance Auditing and Inspection
  • Process Capability Support



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Power Generation

Oil & Gas