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AS9100 Certified Sub-Contract CMM Measurement & Metrology Services

CMM Measurement Overview

Whether you are facing time constraints, labor shortages, or financial limitations, QCI is ready to provide assistance. Specialising in customised Sub-Contract CMM measurement and inspection solutions, QCI tailors its services to meet your metrology requirements. Our team at QCI utilises cutting-edge measurement technology and software to deliver precise and consistent dimensional results across various applications and materials.

From individual inspection to batch inspection, we are equipped to handle tasks of any size. QCI can support you in enhancing production and quality control, investigating and resolving product failures, minimizing inspection bottlenecks, and reducing overall inspection expenses – making us your ideal metrology partner.

QCI’s services encompass comprehensive CMM measurement support, CMM programming, non-contact measurement, 3D scanning, surface measurement, microscopic inspection, as well as a wide range of manual gauges and measuring instruments. Additionally, we provide training courses for all skill levels in CMM operation and programming.


Collaborative Process

Customer collaboration is an integral part of our Sub-Contract CMM Measurement service. QCI provides access to expert knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment to help facilitate our customer requirements. Our customer projects are all bespoke and managed directly by expertly trained individuals who are in constant direct contact with each customer. QCI’s approach to CMM measurement has enabled us to create long-lasting partnerships in many different business sectors. Our dedicated metrology team is available round the clock, ready to assist you through phone calls, visits, or teams calls. Rest assured, we have all your needs covered.

Expert Service

QCI’s sub-contract CMM measurement service can assist you by achieving your desired measurement goals. By providing a professional service that can free up your resource while remaining a cost-effective solution for your business. Our metrology engineering team are highly skilled with extensive engineering backgrounds over multiple engineering sectors. Our team have developed strong and long-lasting partnerships with some of the largest engineering and OEM companies throughout the UK and Europe. Customers receive the measurement information they need for product verification, development and quality control, assisting you on making them important key business decisions.

Modern Inspection Facilities

Our ISO-accredited measurement laboratories utilises the latest CMM technology and software, offering a full range of ultra accurate inspection, measurement, reporting and programming services.  Our ISO:17025 compliant metrology laboratory is fully temperature controlled 24 hours a day – The perfect environment to help minimise factors that contribute to measurement uncertainty, especially when we are measuring to the micron. All our CMM machines use the latest versions of PC-DMIS, probably the most recognised software in the industry.  Our inspection laboratory is externally audited annually to ISO9001, AS9120 and TS29001.

Approved Service

We are certified to the latest revisions of ISO9001 & AS9100

Experienced Team

With over 25 years experience in Metrology, Quality & GD&T, you can be sure you're in good hands

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Benefits of Our CMM Measurement & Metrology Services

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