Aerospace is one of the most challenging sectors for any business to be involved in. Rigorous regulations mean all operations within the business need to have the highest order of competence and attention to detail. The quality systems within, need to be all encompassing and match the exacting standards.

This is where QCI Group excel, our mentality and competence match this need. We have developed our depth of knowledge and experience within this sector with some of the largest global aerospace companies.

We pride ourselves in being the only quality service and warehousing company in the UK to AS9100. Our services have also won multiple awards.

  • FAI & LAI Inspection & Reporting
  • FAI Engineering Support
  • CMM Inspection & Measurement Services
  • Goods Inwards Inspection Teams
  • Product Divert Inspection
  • NCR Management
  • Quality Engineering Support
  • Warehousing, Kitting and Packing
  • Direct Line feed (DLF)
  • COP Inspection Teams
  • Compliance Auditing and Inspection
  • Full Depot and Maintenance Quality Support


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