With the aerospace industry being one of the most safety-conscious sectors in the world, quality has a crucial role to play when considering the lifespan and performance of all products and manufactured parts.

Customer confidence is linked to perceptions about the quality of both equipment and services offered by a company. Therefore QCI can help tailor your business to meet the strict guidelines faced within the industry.

QCI Group are experienced in working with the aerospace industry. We have supplied services to the aerospace industry for more than 20 years. we operate to AS9100 quality standard which is rigidly enforced and externally audited annually.

QCI Group specialise in providing total quality management and quality control services to the industry. We cover all aspects of quality inspection, engineering and subcontract CMM measurement. Our flexibility, proven expertise and outstanding commitment to quality ideally positions us to meet even the most demanding of bespoke requirements. We pride ourselves as the only quality service and warehousing company in the UK to hold AS9120. We work with customers to build a service package to match their unique requirements, placing special emphasis on value added services.

Our support...

QCI Group work closely and have obtained a number of partnerships with some of the largest aerospace manufactures in the world. We deliver world class results on all of the services and solutions we carry out.

We have a proven track record for improving our client’s quality and process efficiency while reducing overall costs. Here at QCI Group we understand the constant pressure and demands that are progressively placed on modern day manufacturers, and also realise the strain on resource which in turn can cause numerous internal difficulties. With this in mind we offer professional cost-effective solutions and unparraleled levels of service. This is achieved through our vast technical knowledge and internal capabilities. QCI Group’s complete commitment to quality, timeliness and professionalism is instilled within every one of our highly-trained, dedicated employees

silver aeroplane on concrete runway with blocks and landing gears are deployed and is stationary specialsist wheels with specialsist brake products applied to landing gear touching yellow painted line on runway top of the range aircraft with a glaze of metalic paint accompanied by two jet engines where the fan blades of the engiens are blade formed in a way to create more thrust whilst aircraft is in motion aerospace products due for subcontract measurements services tred on tyres in visible and within spec safe and complies with health and saftey

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