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Measurement Overview

QCI offers expert and professional 3D Laser Scanning & Portable Measurement solutions. We cover everything from 3D Laser Scanning & Portable Measurement to full Laser Tracking for larger applications. these types of measurement solutions are perfect for optimising workflow for larger metrology applications. 

The operational qualities of 3D laser scanning can be best demonstrated by the use of one of our Hexagon Romer & Faro portable measurement arms. Combine this with the latest Polyworks Inspector Software and our experienced Engineers – we can deliver the perfect metrology solution

Our Romer Laser Scanner can capture a massive 752,000 points every second over a laser line of 150mm. The ultra-accurate scanner is perfect for capturing 3D surface data over a whole host of different materials. 

3D Onsite Laser Tracking services are possible utilising the latest Leica Absolute Tracker AT500 from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. Allowing for full portability due to its wireless operation capabilities, the AT500 allows us to take the tracker to the work location. With its rapid setup, we can be ready to measure in minutes as soon as we arrive onsite.

Laser Trackers provide high accuracy 3D measurement which often allows you to measure areas or places which have previously been impossible or highly restricted. With up-to 160 meters radial measurement, 3D Laser tracker technology is the perfect solution for supporting onsite measurement tasks. From simple fixture alignment and setup to full machinery and production line positioning, we can provide a bespoke package to support you

QCI’s scanning / portable capabilities include full 3D scanning, reverse engineering, part comparison to CAD, large fixture and jig measurement, & laser tracking. We can cover measurement on objects such as machined components, composites, fabrications, castings, plastics, tooling & jigs and many other applications.


Collaborative Process

Customer collaboration is an integral part of our 3D laser scanning & portable measurement services. QCI provides access to expert knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment to help facilitate our customer requirements. Our customer projects are all bespoke and managed directly by expertly trained individuals who are in constant direct contact with each customer. QCI’s approach to CMM measurement has enabled us to create long-lasting partnerships in many different business sectors. Our metrology team are on hand any time of day. Whether its a phone call, visit or teams call – we have you covered. 

Expert Service

QCI’s 3D scanning & portable measurement services can assist you by achieving your desired measurement goals. By providing a professional service for your engineering & quality departments, delivering a cost-effective solution for your business. Our metrology engineers team are highly competent with extensive engineering backgrounds in multiple engineering sectors. Our team have developed strong and long-lasting partnerships with some of the largest engineering and OEM companies throughout the UK and Europe. Customers receive the measurement data they need for product verification, development and quality control, assisting you on making them important key business decisions.

Modern Inspection Equipment

Our ISO-accredited measurement laboratories utilise the latest technology and software, offering a full range of ultra-accurate inspection, and measurement equipment.  We utilise the latest Polyworks Inspector Software along with Hexagon Romer & Faro potable Arms for both 3D scanning and offsite measurement.  Our inspection laboratory is externally audited annually to ISO9001, AS9120 and TS29001.

Approved Service

We are certified to the latest revisions of ISO9001, AS9100 and TS29001

Experienced Team

With over 25 years experience in Metrology, Quality & GD&T, you can be sure you're in good hands

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Benefits of Our 3D Laser Scanning & Portable Measurement Services

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