Quality Inspection, Sorting and Rework


“We have a proven track record in providing our inspection & rework solutions across many manufacturing sectors, delivering professional results”


QCI have unrivalled experience in this field. With our experience and vast knowledge in the manufacturing & engineering sectors we aim to provide the best possible inspection, sorting & rework solutions. Not only are we cost effective, but our inspection team are highly efficient, experienced & trained to exceptional standards so you can be confident that we will deliver professional results on every activity we complete.

Not only do we help by containing the Quality issue, we rework and assist with corrective services to help production keep flowing and reduce any addition costs that might occur in the supply chain.

We offer 2 levels of service, onsite QCI support & offsite QCI support.

  • Onsite customer support -We can provide resource anywhere in your supply chain. This includes direct on your site, suppliers and OEM level using our professional and experienced inspection teams. We can act immediately to contain the quality issue and protect your customer. 
  • Offsite support - We provide you with option to divert & ship goods into our midlands facility for immediate containment action. We will verify, contain & rework any stock working inline with our customers instructions. We can also assist with full NCR management with your supplier. Collection  & delivery service available.

With every sorting or rework activity we carry out, we provide a unique KPI reporting system that is tailored around your needs. This can be accessed by your very own Customer online login area (QCI net) available on our website. 

Our Inspection, Sorting & Rework Capabilities


  • Immediate onsite sorting & rework support
  • Offsite sorting & rework in our own facility
  • Incoming Part Inspection (IPI) – Verifying components before they reach your production line
  • End of line audits including dispatch Audits
  • End of line rework
  • Complex part inspection
  • CSL1 & CSL2 firewall Activity
  • Firewall protection
  • Small & large component rework including manual & machining rework
  • Goods receiving inspection & analysis
  • COP inspection
  • Divert management
  • Full NCR & root cause management & analysis
  • Full KPI analysis
  • Specialist laboratory inspection (Metallurgy including weld and material testing)

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